Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dreyfoos graduate works her way back after what should have been a fatal accident

Palm Beach Post Article

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  1. I haven't yet heard your story on radiolab, but i'm looking forward to it. i do not presume to understand the profoundness of your journey, but was moved mainly by the photos of your paintings and sculpture.

    sometimes we pass by a window a thousand times and then on the 1001st time, something catches our eye and for the first time we look in and our lives are changed forever.

    [a muse within me speaks and it wants to let you know you are not alone. and your work here is not finished.]

    i heard j ralph before and liked his work. then one day i played it again, and it made me cry and for the first time it seemed, although i had head this particular song before, i really heard his muse between the notes. and the emotional force captivated me. changed me.

    there is that yet quality waiting in your art. so it is good to share it (esp your sunny side) with the world.

    . >music
    . >the Illusory Movements of Geraldine+Nazu
    . >"Where the Day Takes You"