Thursday, March 17, 2011

67 Team Members - Help Emilie Etsy Store

Help Emilie Team Etsy Store
There are currently 67 Artists who are members of the Help Emilie etsy Store. The store sells hand made art work by artists team members donated to support Emilie's Recovery Fund. Please visit the team site, to see all of the amazing artists' work.


  1. My set of paintings in your store sold yesterday!

    I'm trying my best to rally some troops to donate new items. Next week I'll be asking the artists I work with to drop off donated items at my cube, and then I'll send all the info on to Jacquie to be posted in the store. I work with mostly digital artists, though, so only some of them currently have actual physical copies of their art. This crazy digital world we live in these days.

    I hope you guys in New York are getting the taste of spring that we're experiencing in Chicago! It's been one long winter and I think some sunshine and comfortable breezes are in order. :)

    Best wishes to you and Alan and Susan!

    - Lisa L.

  2. Thank you Lisa- Aurora. Em has been thinking of some art projects she would like to create. You and your fellow artists inspire her to work as hard as she can at rehab to get back to the art world. This amazes me that so many artists send love to a young budding artist.
    Thank you,
    Susan, Em's mom
    I must tell you that Daniel has been her art therapist, too!